SLG-50S title



  • Four colors available: white, red, green and blue
  • High uniformity
  • Fairly stable spectral characteristics
  • Visible light only; containing neither IR nor UV
  • Long life compared to metal halide or halogen

Optional functions

  • Stabilizer to maintain constant illuminance
  • NA filter to adjust the light output angle
  • Ethernet control
Model name

SLG-50S-W (White) Correlated color temperature 6,500K (±500K CRI70)
SLG-50S-R (Red) 625nm±5
SLG-50S-G (Green) 525nm±5
SLG-50S-B (Blue) 455nm±5

Spectral characteristics of white LED
Precise control of LEDs

  • Monitors LEDs temperature
  • Controls numerous levels of illuminance, up to 4096 levels
  • Possesses superior linearity characteristics
  • Maintains stable light output with low ripple

Spectral distribution

Illuminance level change
Spectral Distribution
* All data is subject to change depending on individual variability of LED devices.