SPX-TA family title


  • Maximizes the performance of SPX-TA.
  • LCD on front panel clearly displays illuminance level,
    error notice and current control mode.
  • Rotary Encoder enables you to directly control the illuminance.

Technical specifications

Model name CB-T300 CB-T600 CB-T1000
External dimensions
105×250 ×200 (mm) 105×250×200 (mm) 105×349×258 (mm)
Weight 2.6kg 3.2kg 4.0kg
Rated input AC100V to 240V 50/60Hz ±10%
Power consumption 300W maximum 600W maximum 1000W maximum
Operating environment
(No condensation)
5 to 40℃, 20 to 85% RH
Storage environment
(No condensation)
-10 to 60℃, 20 to 85% RH
Illuminance control input Manual: Manual dimming knob
External: 0 to 5V analog control/ 8bit digital signal control/ ON/OFF (PWM)/ Analog signal lock
Output LED open error signal/ LED abnomal temperature signal/ Fan error signal

Body appearance

Illuminance distribution across body