SPX-TA family title


  • The Market's widest dynamic range: 10 to 100% (uniformity: plus or minus 5%)
  • Error detection function: LED Open error, LED abnormal temperature error and cooling fan error
  • Superior linearity characteristics
  • Three models: three levels of illuminance
  • Any length available: 120mm to 4200mm, in 120mm increments
  • Optional lens: Light collecting or diffuser board
REVOX offers custom-made light source equipment using IR or UV LEDs.
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  • Two types of body
    Standard type / Special cooling type (TA-30C/70C)
  • Connector location
    Standard type: on side surface of body
    Optional type: on end surface of body
Precise control of LEDs
  • Maintains uniformity
  • Achieves ultra-wide dynamic range
  • Monitors LEDs temperature and open error
  • Controls 1024 steps of illuminance
  • Shows superior linearity characteristics
  • Possesses high heat dissipation with copper circuit board
Spectral Distribution
Spectral Distribution
* All data is subject to change depending on individual variability of LED devices.